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A family friend introduced us to the honey and pollination business back in 2002. From that H & R Honey Farms was started. Three years later (2005) we purchased York Bee Company and began our journey in the commercial package and queen raising business. We ship our packaged bees from New York in the North to the Midwestern states.

In 2010 Mr. Henderson sold his part of the business and it became H & R Apiaries and Roberts Bee Company. We ship our Packaged Bees all over the Northern, Southeastern and Midwestern United States. We are one of the largest suppliers of Packaged Bees.





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  • Shipping Prices are not included.

    Honeycomb with bees and honey

  • We ship through USPS and we provide our own insurance.

  • Replacement of queens is at the discretion of H & R Apiaries/Roberts Bee Co.

  • UPS Next Day Air is available for Queens.


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We have on location 100% Raw Unpasteurized Local Honey.robertsbb

This honey is obtained from the wild plants and world trees located along the creeks and rivers in this area/ From the shrubs gallberry, white tupelo gum, black ti ti, white holly, and flavored in minor amounts from scrub palmetto, and is a natural blend of the plants in this area. This is the same honey that we deliver to the people who own the locations where our bee yards are located. It is a natural blend to this area and is much desired for its subtle flavors and its remembrance to the wild honey we all remember from our childhood. You will be pleased with this honey. For years we have continued to fill repeat orders from many of our honey customers who still want a natural honey carrying the flavors of the area.

Our Team


Ricky Marker reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

May 4 ·

First of all I’m located in Massachusetts, which is quite a journey for the bees. I ordered two packages, they shipped on Monday and arrived in good condition on Wednesday morning. One queen died after installation while still in the cage. H&R quickly sent a replacement without hassle (shipped Monday arrived today). Customer service is great and I would recommend to anyone. Will have to wait a bit to determine quality of the queens, but so far I am a very satisfied customer.


Scott Famous reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

June 26 at 5:38am ·

We could not have been more pleased with the pkgs. we received from Roberts. It has completely changed my opinion about GA bees. I certainly wouldn’t try and overwinter them here in PA, but they are great starter bees for anyone. Good job 


Tony Dix reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 4 star

June 2 ·

Thanks for the Bees first time to order from them. The last day 5/31/16 to order and they got them together for me they arrived 6/2/16. Thanks again, will be hearing from me again.


Brian Simmons reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

June 26 at 8:21am ·

I have bought packaged bees, delivered to western ny 2 years in a row, and they have all been healthy with great laying queens! The office is great to work with as well.


Melody Lane Walsh reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company— 5 star

May 3 ·

The nicest people you will meet. They are very helpful and the bees from them are great! We will be using them again!


Jim Austin reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

April 22 ·

Best and Sweetest Bees…Ruby and Jessica are the greatest and Steven is a master at the Beekeeping craft …


Troy Palmer reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

October 3, 2015 ·

The best front staff to talk to. The best shipping prices and quick to get to me. The queens are laying great patterns. So over all I may be a backyard beekeeper but they are going to get my business and recommendation to ever asks about getting queens.


John Graf reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

January 20 ·

Great people with good bees! Ordered 25 Packages last year they were all ready on time and in very good shape.


Jack Tapp reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 4 star

November 13, 2014 ·

Busybee apiaries is a commercial apiary that uses H&R for package bees (1000 per year), queens to fill short falls in its own queen production. Our honey processing of creamed honey and liquid honey bottling is accomplished by Vintage Bee Inc, the honey side of Busy Bee Apiaries. We use H&R honey to satisfy a portion of our honey requirements.
Our relationship with H & R has been great. The owner, office staff, and employees are all professional. They produce great package bees, queens and high quality honey. A model bee keeping company serving the bee keeping community.


Horace Williams reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company.

June 15, 2013 ·

Friendly People! They go the extra mile. I will be doing business with them for long time to come! Thanks Guys & Gals


Seth Henderson reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

October 7, 2014 ·

Great to work with, lovely ladies!


Calvin Compton reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

May 11, 2015 ·


Wayne Roscher reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

March 25, 2015 ·


Kenneth Weaver reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star

March 12, 2015 ·


Darien Smith reviewed H & R Apiaries / Roberts Bee Company — 5 star